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Well since I love tattoos and my scanners broke time to draw random shit on my arms, take a picture, then post it. Later-Royce
Man this sucks. I've been drawling constantly and I can't put anything online cause my stupid scanner is broke. Man this sucks!!!!!!! Oh well more time to draw. Later-Royce
I am really boared and there is nothing to do so i drew three ok pics that i decided to upload.hope you enjoy.
Go to and click on revolution day and watch the revolution and all you little fuckers who say nintendo is for babies guess what go stick you cock in the light socket above your xbox2 or ps3 cause Nrevolution is ganna kick your asses.(ps halo's ganna die too)
The New Zelda game's title and release date will be avalable Between the days of May 18-20, I will update this Journal so every one will know.
in about 12 days it will be may and in the E3 confrince they will anounce the title of the Legend Of Zelda GCN and when it will be released! I will have more info on this later.

......."Focker Out."
I hope every one got fucked up and had fun doin it. ahppy 420 every one. now go get stoned!
The new Zelda game looks sick. I so wanna find out when it comes out!!!!